Join Us and Sponsor the Best Executive Networking Event of the Year

Captive Eight is an exclusive event where high-level executives meet and discuss the latest business solution trends.

In one productive evening your sales team will:

  • Mingle and discuss your products and solutions with high-level executives in your region.
  • Present to decision makers from the Fortune 1000.
  • Have the chance to follow up with the Executives who are interested in your products and solutions.

Previous sponsors tell us that Captive Eight is the most effective sales event they’ve ever attended.

Sponsors Who Have Attended Our Events

"We've gotten one of our top customers from a Captive/Eight event"

Rebecca Beam

Optimity Advisors

"We had success, actually, at this event, back in December...the next day we had a meeting with them. And we did close a deal from that."

Joe Gonzalez

Enterprise Solutions Engineer
Duo Security

"Captive/Eight really flips the script. It's a completely new paradigm in event marketing."

Jeff Akers

Regional Sales Manager

"So far we've been working with 3 different leads from our last interaction. This has been a cornerstone for our future marketing."

Iqbal Karar

ISSquared, Inc.

"Captive Eight has this fantastic program. It's like speed dating with CIOs. We've been to a bunch of these events and we've had some tremendous success with it."

Sol Katz

Global Account Manager

"It's not only a great way for lead gen in your local market...it's also a great place for brand awareness and what's next for us."

Brian Gant

Director of Saas Services

"You have 8 minutes to talk with each individual CIO, and your objective is a follow up action...What we've been able to do is generate pipeline...Really perfect."

Mary Dube

Sales Executive

"Captive Eight has put probably 20 or 30 prospects into the Capriza sales funnel."

Ryan Dennis

Regional Sales Manager

"I think Captive Eight is one of the most unique and creative ways of bringing together customers and vendors...It's been a great experience for our company."

Chad Hahn

Square One Solutions