Our Story

Captive Eight—An Exclusive, Invite-Only Business Event for IT Executives

Join other local IT Execs for an elite, high-energy evening of peer-to-peer engagement, socializing, and relevant conversations about the latest technology. In this intimate gathering, you will meet and learn from new business contacts, and discover exciting new technology trends.

Our past attendees tell us Captive Eight is their favorite business event of the year!

Effective Connecting Isn’t About a Big Audience, but the Right Audience.

Captive Eight was founded in 2011, with a mission in mind – to bring real value into business relationships. With extensive background in technology, business development and an “everyone wins – philosophy,” we create events that are exclusive to top companies and top performers for a reason; the success of our business model and the ROI we deliver depend on it.

The Success of Every Event is Determined in Advance

Creating mutual value in relationships is something that requires great insight and attention to detail, which is why much of our time is spent scrutinizing attendance profiles to ensure a positive outcome of every event.

Blending the right executives with the right sponsors is as much art as it is science. Our background in technology staffing gives us a deep understanding of this synergy. The goal is not just to create new opportunities, but also to create mutually beneficial relationships between best in class and best in field that last far beyond the events.